Discipline Code

The Muirlands Discipline Code encourages Muirlands staff and students to address individual problems at the classroom teaching team level; with increasingly more serious cases (Level Two and Level Three violations) being resolved by Counselors and Administrators. An effective discipline plan fosters shared responsibilities on the part of students, staff and parents.

Classroom Interventions Situations

In general, these concerns will be handled within the classroom:

  • Tardiness
  • Failure to follow classroom rules and procedures
  • Inappropriate behavior in the classroom
  • Habitual failure to bring textbook or other learning materials
  • Failure to complete class work or homework assignments
  • Minor disagreements between students

Consequences: TEACHER documents the problem and may:

  • Contact a parent/guardian
  • Assign after-school detention
  • Hold individual conference with student and/or parent(s)
  • Consult with other team members and/or Counselor

Counseling Interventions Situations

Student may be referred to a counselor for appropriate intervention in the event of:

  • Continued Level One violation(S) after the teacher has made previous home contact regarding behavior(s)
  • Defiance (fully explained on referral form indicating intervention strategies)
  • Unacceptable classroom, hallway, assembly or lunch court behavior
  • First time bus referrals
  • Dress code violations

Consequences: COUNSELOR will meet with the student and may:

  • Meet with the teacher and/or refer to Administrator if additional intervention is required
  • Contact parent by phone and/or schedule a parent conference
  • Assign lunch and/or after-school office detention
  • Develop a student contract to be signed by student, parent, teachers and counselor

Administrator Interevntion Situations

Students will be referred IMMEDIATELY to an Administrator for discipline related to:

• Chronic Level One or Two behavior • Theft
• Truancy • Fighting
• Graffiti • Possession of alcohol and/or tobacco
• Weapons or other dangerous objects • Vandalism
• Trespassing on school grounds • Illegal substances or paraphernalia
• Threats or harassment • Inappropriate touching or sexual harassment

Consequences: ADMINISTRATOR will meet with the student and may assign:

  • Detention During lunch or after school.
  • In-School Suspension (ISS) Students are allowed to work on class assignments but privileges are restricted. Students shall be assigned no more than two (2) In-School Suspensions.
  • Formal Suspension The student remains home during school hours under direct supervision of the parent/guardian and may not come to school for as few as one (1) or as many as five (5) days. The parent/guardian may be required to attend a meeting with school officials on or before the last day of a formal suspension. Documentation is recorded in the student's file.
  • Zero Tolerance Program Automatically prescribes that certain steps be followed.
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