Progress Report Cards


Progress Report Cards are posted at the end of each nine (9)-week grading period. The scholarship grade is based on academic achievement. Citizenship marks will not be influenced by academic marks and reflect the student’s general behavior, punctuality, effort, and work habits within the school community. See citizenship rubric. Individual teachers may also notify parents whenever a student is doing unsatisfactory work or citizenship needs improvement throughout the year. Excessive absences and tardies will affect grades. Parents may request more regular progress reports by calling their child’s counselor. Parents should regularly monitor their child’s grades, assignments, and attendance/tardies through PowerSchool.

Scholarship marks are defined as follows:

A - Exceeding content-area standards
B - Meeting content-area standards
C - Approaching content-area standards
D - Beginning progress towards content-area standards
F - Little to no progress towards meeting content-area standards

A and B marks are recorded when student achievement is meeting or exceeding content-area standards. High quality of achievement is the criterion, rather than the quantity of work done or the effort expended.

C and D marks are recorded when student achievement is approaching or beginning progress towards meeting content area standards (not necessarily for a particular class).

F marks are recorded when student achievement is noted as little to no progress towards meeting content area standards. No credit will be granted for the course. If the course is required, the student may have to repeat the course.

At the end of the semester, the mark is the average of the work done during the grading period in that semester. The beginning of each semester allows students to start fresh. This approach attempts to allow for the growth in attitude and effort toward the subject and school in general. Each student enrolled in a teacher’s class for a minimum of two (2) weeks must receive a grade.

Grading Schedule for 2023-2024

These dates are based on the District’s current calendar. These dates could change based on adjustments to the school year.

End of Grading Period Date Available Online
 First Semester 9-weeks (P1) – Oct. 27  October 27
 1st Semester (S1) – Jan. 19  February 2
 Second Semester 9-weeks (P3) – March 29  April 12
 2nd Semester (S2) – June 6  June 30


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