Prohibited Materials

Certain items are not to be brought onto school property because they can be considered dangerous, a nuisance, or inappropriate in an educational setting.  Examples of such items include: knives, drugs, gun bullets, permanent markers, spray paint, cap and water pistols, caps or fireworks, sling-shots, “Poppers,” water balloons, cameras, or non-essential items.  If such items are brought to school, they will be confiscated, and the student who brought (or possessed/used) them will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.  Parents will be required to pick up confiscated items from the School Office.  Items not picked up by the end of the school year will be disposed of per SDUSD guidelines. Please refer to the District’s Zero Tolerance Policy.


In an ongoing effort to eliminate drugs from all Middle School and High School campuses, the San Diego Unified School District will utilize a Certified Narcotics Detection Dog and 
Certified Police Dog Handler from the San Diego Unified School District Police Department. Use of the Drug Detection Dog within SDUSD Schools complies with Federal, State, and City codes. Use of the Narcotics Detection Dog will begin immediately, and there is no foreseen end date. All Narcotics, Weapons, Contraband, and other illegal items recovered will be dealt with in accordance with Federal, State, City, and SDUSD Law(s). Person(s) are not sniffed by canine.


These devices MUST be kept out of sight and turned OFF during school hours. Cell phones with camera capabilities are not permitted in the PE locker rooms. Headphones may not be worn on campus unless approved by staff for educational purposes. Cell phones/ headphones/ electronic signaling devices will be confiscated. Confiscated items must be picked up in the office by a parent/guardian or emergency contact. Second offense could result in disciplinary action. Repeated violations will result in further disciplinary action. Please refer to the Board of Education's approved Policy H-6980, which outlines the rules for student possession and use of cellular phones.

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