Students may choose to use a locker if they and their parents agree to the terms and conditions of appropriate locker use. Students may also choose to use a book bag or backpack. Students will be assigned a locker only after the permission slip agreement has been signed and returned to the school. Combination locks will be checked out from the school library. Students must use a school issued lock, personal locks are not allowed. Locker numbers and combinations will be kept on file in the main office. It is the student's responsibility to inform administration of any locker combination changes. School administration may inspect lockers at any time. Only administration may reassign lockers.

Locker break-ins could occur during the school year. It is recommended that students leave valuable items at home and keep only school materials in their locker. Items placed in lockers are student's responsibility. Students should be sure to lock their locker securely and never use a locker not assigned to them. Combinations should not be shared with others. Locker problems should be reported to an Administrator. If a lock is placed on an unassigned locker, or a lock combination is not on file with the administration, the lock will be cut off. It is recommended that students do not leave school materials, textbooks, or valuables in lockers overnight, over the weekend or during holidays. Remember that students are financially responsible for the replacement of any lost, damaged or stolen textbooks that have been assigned to you, including locks checked out from the library. It is recommended that students keep backpacks in their lockers at lunch.

Physical Education lockers are assigned by the P.E. Department.

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